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Loan Products

There are many times when one may need a loan. What you need to be sure of is getting the right loan for your specific needs. At Crescent, we offer loans to cover a lifetime of dreams and responsibilities – all of them with good rates and flexible terms. Find the loan that’s right for you.

Personal Loans
An affordable, fixed-rate personal loan is an ideal way to consolidate bills. We offer unsecured personal loans at convenient repayment terms, as well as two secured loan options with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of just 3% above our current Passbook Savings account or CD rates:

1. One-Payment Loans: Loan with a single principal payment at maturity. Loan term is limited, call 508.580.6511 for maximum terms.

2. Installment Loans: Loans with monthly principal and interest payments.

A secured loan requires passbook or CD Certificate as collateral.

Car Loans
Crescent can help get you behind the wheel of a new or used car with a minimum of fuss, and a great, low rate. We finance both new and used cars with terms to fit your budget. (Used cars must be listed in the NADA Used Car Buyer's Guide.)

GAP Insurance
Consider what could happen if your vehicle is totaled, or stolen and never recovered. While your auto insurance may cover some of the costs, you’re still responsible for paying any difference between the insurance payout and what you owe on your loan. That's why Crescent offers GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance. For a few dollars a month, you're protected against the unfortunate circumstance of owing money on a vehicle you may no longer have.

Credit Life & Disability Insurance
Crescent offers Credit Life and Disability Insurance to protect you and your loved ones should you become disabled or pass away. Affordable options are available to cover your loan payments.

Mortgage Loans
Whether you're a first time homebuyer, looking to move into a larger house, building your dream home, or ready to refinance, Crescent has a mortgage for you. Call 508.559.5400 today to get started.

Home Equity Lines and Loans
Possibly the best way to borrow is from yourself, and the equity in your own home. Crescent offers a number of fixed and variable programs to suit your needs. Call 508.559.5400 to learn more.

Student Loans
We're committed to helping you and your children achieve your educational goals. For educational borrowing options, please contact Sallie Mae at 1-888-272-5543 or visit

Recreational Loans
We can help you buy the boat or camping trailer of your dreams. Call today for rates and terms.

Cash Reserve
Protect yourself from overdrawing your checking account, and know you can write yourself an "instant" loan for any purpose. It's all possible with a Crescent Cash Reserve credit line, from $500 to $5,000.

Loan Discount
Enjoy a rate discount on many of our consumer loans if your payments are made monthly via payroll deduction or autopay from your Crescent checking account. Just ask for details when you apply for your loan.

Applying is Easy
Crescent makes applying easy. You can apply online 24/7, apply by phone at 508-559-5409 or visit your nearest branch!

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